Redbrand Bandits

The small uprising of bandits that took over Phandalin. Their uprising was directly correlated to The Black Spider’s presence in the region and are known contractors of his in acquiring information on the Wave Echo Cave.

Their leader is a character referenced as Glasstaff and is currently missing and had direct contact with The Black Spider.

There was a note found at the Redbrand’s main hideout addressed to “Lady Marlynn” that read.

“Lady Marlynn,

My spies in Neverwinter tell me that strangers are due to arrive in Phandalin. They could be working for the dwarves. Capture them if you can, kill them if you must, but don’t allow them to upset our plans. See that any dwarven maps in their possession are delivered to me with haste. I’m counting on you. Don’t disappoint me.


The first siting of the Red Hood was seen leaving the Redbrand Hideout through a secret exit in the tunnels.

Redbrand Bandits

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