Gundran Rockseeker

Stout dwarven employer of the adventurers.


The adventurer’s boss essentially. Gundran hired the motley crew to escort some supplies and help him and his brothers to clear the lost Wave Echo Caves. Gundran and the Rockseeker family have a long history of excellent crafting and he’s naturally drawn to well made items and is constantly looking to advance his craft.

Gundran was abducted by the Cragmaws with Judge and later rescued by the adventurer’s at Cragmaw Castle. He’s guided the group to Wave Echo Cave in pursuit of his brothers, hoping he’ll get to them before The Black Spider does.

Gundran is hoping to open the spell forge to help strengthen the peace in the western regions of Faerun and secure the safety of the region to any future threats. He believes the legends that Brokkr developed magic items that saved countless lives and maintained balance in Faerun, either through means of threat distributed to the proper leaders, or through creative transmutation magics to help the world with resources and magical advancements. He also wants to rediscover the lost craft of spell forging magic into his crafted items.

Gundran Rockseeker

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