Rockseeker Brothers

The Rockseeker brothers are Nundro, Thardon, and Gundran. They recently rediscovered the lost mine near Phandalin that disappeared during the great war for the West that ended a century ago.

Gundran hired the adventurers to “Work the last job they’d ever have to work.” When he was almost immediately abducted with his body guard, Judge, by the Cragmaw Goblin’s camping the road to Phandalin from Neverwinter.

Gundran was later rescued at Cragmaw Castle from King Grul and the Red Hooded figure, who was attempting to procure Gundran and the map to Wave Echo Cave for The Black Spider.

Gundran has assissted the adventurers in finding the cave and is hoping they can help him find his brothers and take back the cave from the Cragmaw’s who’ve taken it.

Nundro was found dead inside the Wave Echo Cave

Rockseeker Brothers

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