A small village to the south east of Neverwinter. Phandalin used to be an old mining and forging town until it’s mines and forge were lost in the Great War.

The village has your common fixings. An Inn, a place of worship, a couple bars, and your merchants.

The town has recently been purged of a plague of bandits known as the Redbrand.


Places of Note:

Stonehill Inn – The only Inn in town. Run by a Toblin (dwarf) and Trilena(human) Stonehill with a daughter, Elsa(half-dwarf) Stonehill, helping with the tavern.

Shrine of Luck – A shrine built in dedication to Tymora, goddess of good luck and fortune. The shrine is maintained by Myrtha, a known member of the Harper’s

Sleeping Giant Taphouse – A watering hole east of the main part of town towards Tresendar Manor. Used to be the main haunt of the Redbrands before they were shaken out of town. Was robbed by the adventurers and they are no longer welcome. Owned and operated by a salty dwarf woman.

Barthan’s provisions – Owned by Elmar Barthan, a simple and honest older gentleman with affiliations with Gundran. Sells common goods and supplies.

Lionshield Coster – The main supplier of arms to the village and passerby’s. Common good for sale. Run by Linny Graywind from Yartar. The lionshield coster and it’s employee’s act as the towns militia in times of need. Refuses to sell to those who cause or pose to cause trouble in town.

Edermath Orchard – An orchard on the north west side of town, family own and run.

Miner’s Exchange – Overseen by Halia, essentially the real power in Phandalin. She oversee’s all trade and exchange from the town and has very specific interests. Untrusting of the adventurers.

Townmaster’s Hall – Office of sheriff Harold Webster. A pompous man and mostly a tax collector.


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