Tag: Cragmaw


  • The Red Hood

    *Drow Female (alleged)* A mysterious hooded figure was seen fleeing the scene of the Redbrand Hideout. The Red Hood was also seen communicating with King Grul, leader of the Cragmaw tribe of bandits negotiating for the map of the Wave Echo Cave and …

  • The Black Spider

    Little is known about The Black Spider. It is currently bankrolling the Cragmaws and presumably is ultimately behind the recent Redbrand uprising in Phandalin. The Black Spider is looking to find the lost Wave Echo Cave to unearth the lost spell forge and …

  • King Grul

    Leader of the Cragmaw's, hired by The Black Spider to procure certain humanoid resources and documents. Doesn't like having a boss, even though he gets paid for it. Recently deceased.

  • Klarg

    A chieftain of the Cragmaw Clan. Was the leader of the outpost that captured Gundran Rockseeker. I say was, because he was alive.