Brokkr's Forge

The adventure so far.
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The world is on the cusp of a magic resurgence, and it’s all thanks to you. This is a brief retelling of how this came to be.

Hired by Gundran:
With the promise of the “…last job they’d ever need to work,” Gundran had hired a small group of capable looking individuals in Neverwinter asking for transport of goods to the small town of Phandalin and the promise of lucrative work when they got there.

Gundran’s kidnapping:
While transporting the supplies from Neverwinter to Phandalin the day after Gundran had left with his hired muscle, Judge, the rag tag crew traveling south-east on the Triboar Trail came upon the fresh-ish remains of two horses, and were promptly ambushed by a group of goblins. Deciding to investigate further, Grublik was able to find a trail in the woods leading back to a cave hideout where they learned of the Cragmaws, the Cragmaws mission to collect anything relating to the Rockseeker Brothers, and their employment by someone/thing called the The Black Spider.

Inside the cave, Grinn, Grublik, Bronan, and Boturil elimated the Cragmaws and rescued Judge who had been held prison in the cave for the last day. Gundran had been sent ahead to be deliverd to Cragmaw Castle.

The Redbrand and a mysterious figure:
Having eaten some bad rat meat in the cave, Bronan suffered from extreme dysentery and passed before they could seek medical help. Finally arriving in Phandalin with Judge in tow, the group learns of

The Cragmaw, Gundran found, and The Black Spider:

Wave Echo at last:

The Spell Forge:

So it came to be that a rag tag group of good intentioned adventurer’s have helped Gundran Rockseeker and his brothers retake the ancient lost mine of Brokkr, re-ignite the lost magic ley-line and re-introduce old magic to Faerun.


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