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Going to dump some of the basic rules and guidelines for moving forward with the Firecracker office campaign. We’re going to change the format a bit to a West Marches model. That’s an unnecessary way to say that we’re splitting the party! Now hold on, it’s going to be fun. This game is designed for parties of 3-5 anyways.

Now how does this work? Not to freak you out, but it’s all up to you. Essentially you’ve discovered a set of treasure maps that will set you and a select group of other adventurers (between 3 to 5 players) on a mini adventure to the corners of Faerun (the world your characters live in). These adventures might be as short as a session, or take up to 3 sessions, if I’ve planned them right. We’ll keep adding to the options as long as I have ideas, but it will ultimately culminate into a finale if we get there.

As a reminder and for those who’ve not heard, here’s the steps to get started.

1. Decide what you want to go after:
Browse the maps, or follow your nose to go after something you’d like to do.

2. Recruit your comrades:
Pitch the mission to your comrades and get 2-5 more to come along on this grand adventure. Since the adventurers are shorter, ideally the group holds together through the whole adventure as smaller groups suffer more when there are absences. But we all know how life works.

3. Schedule a time:
Start coordinating on a time you’d like to get this rolling and reach out to who’s running the game (more on that in a minute). Get a time on the calendar and get this rolling. No longer Wednesday’s only, but should be amicable to all those that want to play. Be aware that I may need a week or two lead times as most of the current offerings are either partially written or not at all. Plan accordingly.

Now this doesn’t mean you’re locked out because 5 of your compatriots are off chasing after the French Tickler. As long as you can get the other compatriots together and schedule a time you’ll be running a different adventure simultaneously.

Now this world is evolving and changing and WILL require shared information between adventures. This is a place for you, the players to share information you’ve learned to help connect threads. Sharing this information will earn your character different ability boons or possibly special items or hints for your next adventure.

We’ll be fleshing out some other rules as we go if we need them. Some things include tracking who plays with who giving boons if you mix up your makeup or deficiencies if you stick with the same team. Limiting the amount of adventures you participate in simultaneously and permanent characters you have to run those adventures, etc..

Other things this format allows for

1. You got an idea for an adventure? Pitch it and get some people that want to play and run it. If you don’t know where to start, let me (Jonah) know and I can point you to some resources. It’s pretty easy.

2. Don’t like your character? Explore some alternative options. Want to run with a group this week but your main is stuck in another adventure? Roll up another. Now we’ll force some considerate behavior here. You’ll be de-prioritized if there are others who are currently not “active.”

3. Got somebody else that’s interested in playing? Let’s figure out how to write them in together for your quest to investigate the mysterious reports of necrotic animation.

Questions? Concerns? Feedback? My door is open.

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